What Is Disaster Recovery?

When we say Disaster Recovery, I am betting that many of you will think something big like a hurricane or a fire. But disasters come in all shapes and sizes.


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In private homes, there can be burst pipes, leaky toilets, and slab leaks. In a condo, your unit could be fine, but the unit upstairs experiences a leak or other issue and guess what? The water traveled down into your unit.

Someone could break into your home looking for items they can easily steal and sell later. They tear everything up, and perhaps even vandalize your home. It’s not a flood or fire, but it can certainly be a disaster for your home.

Heaven forbid that a violent crime occurs in your home. That’s a whole other type of disaster. But, it’s one that we can also clean up for you. We can erase any bad memories, but we certainly can clean up all the vestiges of a violent crime.

ORC Services cleans up all types of disasters.  We take care of cleanup and restoration of condos, private homes, and businesses in three counties.  These are Brevard County, Indian River County, and St. Lucie County.  For crime scene and trauma cases, we go even further.  Click on “Service Area” to see where we perform the various services that we do.

Don’t wait until a disaster happens to give us a call and find out what we do and how we do it. Go to our YouTube Channel  or head on over to our Facebook Page

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Remember, keep our number handy because we never know when a disaster could strike.