Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

We Specialize In Water Damage Cleanup And Restoration Services, Offering Comprehensive 'Turn-Key' Solutions For Your Peace Of Mind. Our Priority Is Ensuring A Swift Return To Normalcy For Your Home Or Business. Certified Restoration Specialists At ORC Services Possess The Expertise To Handle Various Water And Flood Damage Scenarios With Precision And Efficiency.


We Want To Be Your Restoration Company

No one should endure distress after facing flood damage. Our restoration company is ready to provide an experienced and friendly solution, capable of brightening any space. With a dedicated focus on improving people's sentiments about their properties, we aim to be the peace-of-mind you seek for all your damage repairs. Inform us about your needs or the issues you're facing, and we'll be there to assist. Our services encompass residential and commercial water damage cleanup. If you find yourself in an emergency water damage situation, don't hesitate to give us a call. We extend our services throughout Brevard County, Indian River County, and St. Lucie County, FL.

Mold Remediation by ORC Services

Where there's water, the potential for mold is inevitable – a fact acknowledged by all mold cleanup companies. Mold not only poses a threat to the structural integrity of your home or business but also to your health. It can induce respiratory problems and allergy-like symptoms such as watery eyes, a stuffy/runny nose, and coughing. At ORC, our mold remediation technicians boast Clean Trust Certification, representing the highest level of training and experience in the industry. As a State Licensed Mold Remediator and General Contractor, ORC Services, Inc. is equipped with IICRC trained Applied Microbial Restoration Technicians. Unlike many other mold removal companies, a single call to ORC covers all your needs – from addressing the mold cleanup to handling any required repairs and restoration. When in need of mold cleanups and repairs, make ORC Services your first and only call.

Choose The Right People For Water Damage Cleanup

When faced with water cleanup and restoration needs, count on us for assistance! Many of our clients have never navigated the complexities of hiring a contractor or filing an insurance claim, leaving them uncertain about where to turn for help. Selecting the right contractor can be challenging, especially since you may not meet us until a disaster strikes. Restoration is a demanding process, but if you choose ORC Services as your restoration contractor, rest assured, we commit to giving our utmost effort. We stand by your side throughout every stage of the process, handling water extraction, flood cleanup, remediation, and tailored water removal. Employing advanced mitigation techniques, we guarantee top-notch residential or commercial property restoration. Trust us; we're dedicated to keeping our promise.

Water Damage Cleanup And Restoration

Experiencing water damage in your home or business can be catastrophic, posing a serious threat to building components, furnishings, and cherished belongings. Timely and effective intervention, particularly within the first 24-48 hours, significantly minimizes the harmful effects. ORC's knowledgeable technicians respond promptly in emergencies, swiftly stabilizing your property and mitigating damages, ensuring a broader range of restoration options. When leaks, floods, or other issues are left unattended, the resulting damage can escalate, affecting walls, flooring, cabinets, personal items, rugs, and even the structural integrity of your home. Trained professionals with the right equipment are crucial for proper water cleanup and thorough drying. Our certified technicians at ORC not only handle removal, drying, and complete restoration but also possess the expertise to detect hidden moisture. Equipped with the necessary tools, we work efficiently to return your home or business to normal as quickly as possible.

Full And True Restoration

We understand that dealing with flood-related damage is both stressful and inconvenient for you and your family. It can result in significant property loss or damage. While we cannot replace your lost belongings, we can offer the assurance that your home or business will undergo prompt and thorough repair and restoration. At ORC Services, our commitment to a comprehensive "Turn-Key" approach is particularly evident in the reconstruction and repair services we provide for your property. Every project is assigned a dedicated project supervisor who manages the entire process, overseeing progress, controlling schedules, assisting with selections, and maintaining superior quality control throughout.

Sewage Water Cleanup Services

Sewage poses significant health risks due to its high concentration of harmful bacteria. To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, we offer professional sewage cleanup and removal services. Cleaning up a mess caused by broken pipes connected to a sewage line should not be attempted without the right expertise. Also known as black water, sewage has the potential to cause extensive damage. Contact with fecal matter or raw sewage can lead to disease, damage valuables, and wreak havoc on your property. Trust only trained professionals with the appropriate equipment to handle sewage removal – a service ORC is fully equipped to provide for you!