Hoarder Home Cleanups In Indian River Shores, FL

We do hoarder home cleanups! Do you need help? Is your home so packed with stuff that you can barely move around in it? Or do you have so many cats, dogs, or other animals that you can’t clean up after them all?  Have you somehow inherited one or more of these problems left behind by someone else? Do you or someone else want it cleaned up? You may have questions such as, when dealing with a mess created by a hoarder, where do you even begin? It’s a big job and one that can also be dangerous.


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You can call ORC and we will do the job!  We know how difficult it will be, and we are prepared for it, both physically and mentally.  No matter how bad it is, ORC’s technicians have the experience and training to resolve the problem. Sometimes, these cleanups will also require the manpower and expertise of a bio-hazard cleanup company, such as ORC. Examples of these situations include a person who has too many animals or a situation that also involves an unattended death where bio-hazards exist.

The Dangers Of Hoarder Cleanups In Indian River Shores, FL

Cleaning up the home of a hoarder, whether it be “stuff,” or “animals,” can be very time consuming and challenging. There is much more to hoarding cleanups than just organizing and tossing things away. In fact, many such homes are infested with rats, mice, roaches, and other animals. They are also a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Cleaning up a hoarder site can expose the worker to bio-hazards of many kinds. The worker must be protected with personal protective equipment through all phases of the cleanup. This includes gloves, face masks, and protective suits.

Hoarder room needing hoarder home cleanups.

Caring For The Person And Their Property In Indian River Shores, FL

For hoarder home cleanups, the worker(s) will normally separate items into three groups.  These will be:

  • What items to keep.
  • Which items to donate.
  • The items to trash.

Keep in mind that hoarding is the result of a mental disorder, and it may be very difficult to clean up the home with them there.  They may well have another disorder as well, so you must be careful around them.  They most often suffer from obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and depression.

Because of the above, the hoarder may well need to ask for professional mental counseling before they attempt to be a part of a cleaning-up. Otherwise, they may well have a very difficult time letting go of even the most obvious trash.

If You Decide To Hire Us For Hoarder Cleanup In Indian River Shores, FL

Once you decide to have ORC provide the cleanup, then we do the following:

  • We assign an estimator/project manager that will walk you carefully through the whole process.
  • ORC won’t make judgments of the person(s) or their situation.
  • Case managers and our trained assistants (biohazard certified personnel) will be compassionate and caring throughout the whole process.
  • We perform sorting and organizational services for the person(s) property.
  • We insure that dumpsters and/or trailers will be available for hauling away the unwanted items.